you know those girls on instagram where you pay them to send you pictures or videos...well i caught my boyfriend doing that..again. he did it the first time and got caught in july, now i saw it again and he told me he’s done it 4 more times since the first time...the recent one being a week ago. I dont know how to feel. i love him a lot but im also frustrated. he told me he’s sorry and all the bullshit he told me the first time. Half of me is saying to leave and find someone who wont do this but the other half is telling me to work it out and he can change. we talked about it yesterday and he said its just something he does because he wants to see what they look like, he has porn for that, whats the purpose of finding other women out there and paying them. i feel like im going to be that girlfriend that’s constantly looking over his shoulder because im so paranoid. i dont want to be that girlfriend. i want to be able to trust him. i love him so much , i want him to change, but he has to want to change also. i just hope he gets it together before i walk away and dont look back. okay sorry for the long post lol i needed to vent