Husband whispers the same thing at night.

I dont really know what to do anymore, we've talked about it so much yet I get no comfort from it. What happens is my husband whispers about his best friend and what does he say? 'I love you Lizzy' at night, not every night but about 3 times a week. Hes told me he used to have a big crush on her but she met her husband. I cant stand it really anymore, it hurts me beyond anything. He says he wants no one but me, and I believe he believes that but I can't do another night of it. It makes me sick and I cringe everytime he tell me I love you or touches me. I dont know what to do. It's been happening for almost a year. I hate it when he just mentions her name. Am I being unreasonable? I hear it and my heart breaks just a little more than the last night he said it.