Is it just me?

So I’m laying here in bed right next to my husband literally moaning and groaning in pain. I experienced contractions and back pains for the first time over the weekend and it was horrible. Anyways, I’m laying here in pain, he wakes up for work, hears me, ignores me, scrolls social media, then asks me to massage HIM!?

He asked me before falling asleep to rub his legs and I told him I don’t feel good either, that literally my life hurts right now (meaning everything is hurting me) and guess what his response was “well I can’t help with that”

So I didn’t massage him before he slept but I was still up when he woke up and he asked me and looked at me all pitiful like so I massaged his back (meanwhile I’m experiencing back pain myself and using force to massage him made it worse)

He still hasn’t even asked me “are you okay?”, throughout my whole pregnancy he hasn’t even touched me to soothe me, he doesn’t rub on me, he doesn’t massage me, and I’m like how dare you have the audacity to ask Me to make you feel better when you don’t even attempt to make me feel better, you don’t even hold me to comfort me! And he’s at work most of the time so I’m bearing through the pain alone mostly.

Idk I just find him so annoying and insensitive right now.

Like I understand he’s the only one working and you can hurt from work but work hurt and growing a baby hurt are two completely different things ESPECIALLY contractions and the horrible back pains that comes with it.

I don’t even ask him to do any of that either because I already feel like a burden not being able to help financially, but it’s like it would still be nice to have that physical and emotional support as well or to just be left alone when I’m hurting myself...