My reaction was to cry.

A B 💗

But I didn’t, I had tears well up in my eyes and prayed they didn’t fall out.

At work today, a older woman said “looks like you are having a baby soon, like a month ?” I said “oh no, about three!” She laughs loudly and says, “oh my gosh are sure there isn’t two in there!”

I froze and looked at her so embarrassed by her comment and quietly said “no” and held in those tears as hard as I could.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I couldn’t even respond because I just couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t think that, that was hurtful. I mean she’s old enough to know better ? If there was more than one... I would say, IF I felt like sharing that info. Judging by the way she said it, she knew there wasn’t... it wasn’t genuine curiosity, it was judgement of my body, my body that’s making a baby... my body that I don’t have control over anymore.

MY body, and that just because I’m at a cash register, isn’t on display for you and your judgement...

I wish someone would notice I’m pregnant and say something to me that has nothing to do with that.

Sometimes it would be nice for someone to notice my makeup, or my outfit, and not comment things like that lady did today. Or ask how old am I, or if I’m married right ?

A woman who is pregnant, isn’t on display for you. Don’t touch me. Don’t ask me personal questions, I don’t know you.

Just smile and say have a nice day like everyone else.