Morning sickness


So the last 2 days I've been had some morning sickness. Not a big deal except I literally have no warning. No nausea or anything I just all of a sudden need to find a bathroom quickly. It happened at work yesterday. Luckily I was already on the way to the bathroom and go there fine without anyone realising. Today I had to jump off the couch and was sick within seconds.

I'm around 8 weeks and have had some nausea and a couple bouts of sickness when I first found out at 6 weeks. But everything has been manageable and I tried not to let myself get too hungry.

But these last couple days even when ive eaten it doesn't stop it. I'm scared to go to work tomorrow incase I have to run to the bathroom. I work in a hospital and i deal with newborns every day, I can't be running away out of nowhere every morning.