Super stressed


So earlier in September I found out I’m pregnant. I had a very early positive and had no idea when I ovulated since my cycle is extremely irregular. With that being said I was in no way prepared or mentally ready to be pregnant. My boyfriends family has been really supportive but I have been worrying so much. I currently only have a part time job and don’t get paid much and he has a full time job but that just gets us by. I guess I’m more worried about not being prepared for when the baby comes (not having everything they need and not being stocked on essentials). I check this app everyday and read everyone’s stories and it helps me get by, but I guess I need my own advice now. What should I do to shake the nerves? This was unplanned but I am still happy about the pregnancy. I’m just so worried I won’t be able to offer the most to the baby.. sorry for venting everyone.