Flu shot for a 9 month old


So I can’t decide wether or not to get the flu shot for my son, I am pro vaccine other wise but the flu shot seems pointless to me, I haven’t had the flu shot in 10 plus years and I honestly haven’t been sick in years besides a minor cold I literally never get sick so I’ve never thought about getting it, last winter while pregnant I didn’t get the flu shot either and I wasn’t sick once and when my son was born he didn’t get sick besides a minor cold the whole winter, so is it worth getting the flu shot? Are there moms out there who don’t do the flu shot? Moms who do the flu shot does your kids end up sick or with the flu anyway? I would really like to hear what everyone does without the fighting lol! My reasoning for this is the last time I got the shot years ago I ended up with the flu so bad I almost ended up in the hospital and stopped getting it after that and never got sick worse then a cold again so I’m not sure! And before people go crazy I find the flu shot to be totally your choice I just don’t always feel like it’s a necessary vaccine because strands mutate every year and within the flu season and most people end up sick or with the flu anyway! But I’ve never had a kid to think about and I can’t decide the best option! I’m a stay at home mom and I nanny one other baby whose always home so it’s not like my son is in daycare or exposed daily to many kids and adults, I also am a little ocd with cleanliness and hand washing and no one is aloud to kiss my son during flu season, anyway what’s everyone’s thoughts???