Olivia • #2 Due 6/10/19 🌈

Has anyone else gone in to the doctor to have them confirm your pregnancy yet? Let me say that my doctor’s office is a little bit away and so with morning traffic it took me 45 minutes to get there, and I took time off work for this. I get there pee in a cup and they do the test. Also the lady doing the test had a bad attitude and clearly didn’t want to be there that early. So she calls me back and said that the line is there but it’s faint, so she’s going to call it negative. I’m just like in my head but it’s there. I asked if I could do blood work and she said no blood work until their pee test is positive. (Which it clearly was) She said to come back in two weeks. I’m just so annoyed that I drove all that way and missed work for nothing, and her attitude wasn’t helping. It’s also a Navy clinic and so everything is strictly by the book and they looked at me like I was crazy for suggesting a blood test. And now she’s got me paranoid that maybe my tests are getting lighter (even though I took I pretty dark positive test that morning, just paranoid). Would you be annoyed too, or am I being hormonal and overreacting? 😂 Ugh it’s just been a long morning.