MIL. unreasonable?

I basically want to know if you think I’m being unreasonable.

My mother in law hates me because she doesn’t have the relationship with her grandchild that she wants.

However this is because she smokes weed. Every day. & In her house.

I forbid my child from going into the house because she smokes cannabis in there daily & it stinks! This is aswell as normal cigarettes that are smoked by her and her daughter in the house.

I don’t want my son in that.

They have smoked in the house for many years (the ceilings are yellow) so if she doesn’t want to change that then fine! But I refuse to let my son be there.

Which is apparently unreasonable..

I suggest constantly that she comes to our house to see our son. She rarely is interested or is too tired.

I have no objection to her taking my son shopping or to the park etc. Aslong as she is not high when she does so.

But she never in 3 years has asked to do this ( she has been told she is able to)

She never wants to spend time with us when asked on days out and things. Again not interested or too tired/working.

I must also add this woman really really doesn’t like me. She has told viscous lies about me stating that I don’t look after my child & that she has to? Which as you can tell from the above is not true. She tells everyone that I’m a horrible person because I don’t let her see her grandson.

She ends up seeing him about once every two months or so when she actually accepts an invitation where I offer to Cook for her or have her over.

My point is I’m now pregnant with her second grandchild and my partner and I are over the moon but honestly I’m dreading this all over again.

I don’t plan on doing anything differently than I did with my first. Same rules etc.

Do you think I’m being unreasonable?

Sorry for the long post & I appreciate any replies/advice.