Don’t give up! BFP Cycle 7 After Miscarriage.

Paula • 👼🏽 mc 12/6/17 | 🌈💖 6/4/19 | 💙 11/5/20

7th cycle TTC after miscarriage and I finally have my BFP (11dpo). I post this here to give you hope. I’ve spent countless hours reading posts looking for similar experiences and/or hope. Im sharing my experience and symptoms below.

- Miscarried my first December 2017 at 10 weeks 2 days.

- Had (2) D&C procedures. 2nd due to RPOC bleeding a few days after the 1st.

- Took 10 weeks from my 2nd D&C for my HCG to reach 5 (considered negative)

- Cleared to start TTC March 2018

Tried nearly everything in the book these past 7 months...

What I did this month -

Preseed, Clearblue Digital OPK, temping orally, Pink Stork Fertility Tea, significantly cut down on drinking (i love wine), pillow under my butt after BD during fertile window, BD every other day until middle of fertile window and then everyday.

Symptoms - Acne & Sore boobs. That’s literally all! Thought for sure AF was coming.

Wishing you all baby dust. I couldn’t have done it without all the support and hope I’ve gotten from this community. I hope this gives the same hope to someone.