Vanessa • A mom to 3 boys 💙💙💙

I need to brag about my doctor for a minute! I was violently and uncontrollably vomiting all morning. It came out of no where. This is more than just morning sickness. I get to the hospital and I have a low grade fever but nothing to be concerned about yet. My doctor checked on my several times while I was there!! Even though she was not on call and was still seeing other patients. She genuinely cares. It almost made me cry because it's not typical for your doctor to stop in if they are not on call. I am at home now resting. I still have not tired to eat but they loaded me up on fluids to not get dehydrated. Both my boys where doing great through the whole process... moving and strong heart beats. Also a shout out to my husband who had to clean up all the vomit in my car. I was attempting to leave work due to not feeling well and BAM the vomiting hit. He is now giving our toddler a bath while I am able to lay down and sip on my water. Hoping to try a saltine cracker soon.