Would you have your marriage annulled?


Let me paint a picture for you...

My friend met a guy through work. He had a girlfriend that he lived with at the time. She started sleeping with this guy. He would invite her over to him and his girlfriends house (who was in the gfs parents basement) well she was working and sleep with my friend in their bed. He eventually broke up with his girlfriend to be with my friend.

Fast forward 2 years. My friend ends up marrying this guy.

My friend and her now husband have another couple friend they hang out with. Her husband was the one that first started initiating the hangouts. My friend notices that her husband has been texting with the wife of the couple friend and she doesn’t like it.

My friend then says before she leaves on a business trip to her husband that she does not want him hanging out with the wife. She makes it clear she absolutely does not want him chatting or hanging out with her.

She goes away and when she comes back she checks his phone because she’s suspicious. She find messages between him and the wife and sees from the messages that they went out for lunch together. She confronts her husband and he admits it but says don’t worry nothing happened. She’s obviously pissed.

Then the next day the husband of the couple friend calls my friend in tears and says he thinks something is going on between them.

Now...they have only been married 1 month! He’s already being sketchy 1 month into their marriage.

I’m all for working through things but I think this guy is a dog. I’d consider annulling my marriage if I were her. What would you do?

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