Early babies


Ok, so I currently 32weeks 4 days and have been having signs of preterm labor for a while now, 2 weeks ago was having a lot of contractions and ending up in L&D, my doctor checked me and I was already thinning out as of last week I was more thinner out but cervix was still closed, went in for my weekly appt yesterday and baby has already dropped and is head down and all I feel is her all the way down here, doc is waiting until Monday to check be but said with her down there all the way that I will probley thin out more, I’m so nervous of her coming this early but man I’m hurting so bad with back pain and my muscle in my stomach and her pushing down and rubbin her head down there. But she defiantly don’t think I’ll make it to my scheduled c section let alone to nov at all. Any moms have babies this early and if so how early and was little one in NICU and how long. Thank you