Oh so thankful for this MAN!


Y’all I am young and I’ve been in a couple different abusive and controlling relationships. I was so done with trying to find someone because I seemed to only attract the scum of the Earth. BUT when I least expected it this man came into my life. He’s patient, he’s kind, he tells me I’m beautiful every single day and it never fails. We’ve only been talking for a few weeks and I know that’s not long but I feel like he’s my one. We clicked instantly. We found so many things we have in common. We laugh together and we have had a couple disagreements so far and he listens to my side and we communicate. It’s the best feeling in the world. And I’m already head over heels for him. This year has been a terrible year for me and he has brought back a happiness that I nearly forgot I had in me. I’m so thankful for him and everything he does. Also, my family likes him which is a HUGE deal for me.💕