DDLg insights.

Lola • Daddy’s little girl. Let’s be little friends My hair is actually like that in real life #DDLG

•Please read it all before giving input•

DDLg stands for Daddy Dom/Little girl

It’s a part of the BDSM lifestyle.

It’s a DS dynamic where one is a caregiver and the other is the child like.

Not all DDLg subs are Littles even though that’s the common title.

Some are middles, kittens, furries, diaper lovers and the list goes on, the sky is the limit when it comes to kinks (but note that it’s not a kink for everyone for some it’s a lifestyle).

And not all DDLg relationships involve sex.

And little space is healthy it’s actually viewed psychiatrically as a healthy coping mechanism (research that).

And it’s done between 2 consenting adults who are fully aware that they’re both ADULTS.


It’s between two adults that are fully consensual.

Just like BDSM does not promote nor supports abuse.

If you’re not into to it it’s ok.

It’s ok to be Vanilla (a person with no kink nor fetiche).

It’s not ok to kink shame someone for doing something that’s not in your bedroom and it’s not ilegal.

In the end of the day who ever is fucking a little is pretty damn aware that’s a grown person in an adult onesie or what else.

They’re attracted to a grown person with a childlike persona/act.

Not an actual child.

And yes there’s always that pedo who uses DDLg to mascarate his disgusting shit.

Just like there’s a bunch of abusive men disguising themselves as BDSM Doms but they’re just women beaters with a bad excuse.

Subs need to know the difference and Vanillas need to stop stereotyping.

And we can all live happy.

Repeat: In the end of the day both DDLg partners are well aware that they’re dealing with adults. They’re into adults with a childish side not into actual children.