41+2 and perfect 😍


Finally can share my birth story... Baby #2 was due Sept 24th at 40+1 I lost my bloody show in the morning maybe around 10am and then went ahead with a booked membrane sweep at 3pm... Then had nothing until I went to bed at around 8pm and contractions seemed to come out of nowhere. By 9pm they were 3 minutes apart and unbearable. Called the hospital and asked to go in for assessment.

On arrival, I was already 6cm and begging for an epidural (allergic to gas and air). My epidural didn't actually kick in until seconds before the baby was delivered anyway which was a bit dramatic and very uncomfortable.

Baby Cooper was born at 01.21am on 3rd Oct (UK time) weighing 8lbs 3oz

Couldn't be happier ❤️❤️❤️