May have an anterior placenta. (Long post)

Mercedes • Hi, my name is Mercedes my Prince Stellan was born on March 11, 2019 via Cesarean Section and my Princess was born December 30, 2020 at 37 weeks via repeat C Section.

Hey mommies, so had a recent ER visit because had very heavy pressure on my cervix or around near my pelvic area and I had just finished taking antibiotics for a bladder infection (which thought that I could have been feeling pressure because still had it) but turned out I had no bladder infection that it had cleared up (thankgoodness). But still left me to question what is all the pressure and pain? Well doctor once again couldn't find heartbeat so had to do it through ultrasound and baby had a great heartbeat but as I saw the nurse measure my placenta it was over near my cervix but not on top of it. Now at this time I didnt think anything of it. She was very nice and actually gave me an extra 10 mins just to watch baby do his thing in his house lol. Well everything was perfectly fine with baby, he was positioned longitude and his feet was actually kicking where my bladder and placenta was positioned so she said that is probably the pressure that I've been feeling. Well later on that night I remember she entered in on the computer that my placenta was possibly anterior and later looked it up and my fiance and I have been wanting to get a heart doppler to you know let family experience the baby heartbeat and his two kids (my stepkids) who can never make it to any appointments have a listen to their baby brothers heartbeat but also have seen and read posts that other mommies with anterior placenta do have trouble finding the babies heartbeat due to anterior and they actually stopped trying to find a heartbeat because sometimes they would have no hope and find it. Now knowing me I'd be freaking out. I freak out when my fiance tries to tell me it's ok to take a tylenol for my headache. (I'm weird). So just want some insight on some of this. Any mommies have anterior placenta? If so when did you feel first kick, and what do you think about a heart doppler and have you had any luck? Biggest but final question did you end up having to have a c section because of anterior placenta? I want natural but when did research I've saw stuff mainly that its complicated to give natural birth with an anterior placenta.