Friend had a miscarriage 💔

Hi ladies.

Basically my good friend has had a miscarriage, she found out today when she went for her 12 week scan, her husband is away on deployment and her family live away so she is on her own support wise (other than her daughter who is nearly 2).

Tomorrow she has a hospital appointment, I'm not exactly sure what for, but I'm looking after her daughter tomorrow and was thinking of getting my friend a few bits to make her feel better.

I was thinking only a few things like chocolate, snacks, pizza etc as being that it is just her at home she probably won't want to cook food and if it were me I think eating crap fixes everything!

Is there anything that you guys would suggest? I'm no good at girly stuff so flowers really isn't my style, hence the food idea.


PS I'm not sure exactly where the best group is to post this so sorry if it is the wrong one!! Xxx