What I hate about pregnancy!

Mrs. Sparky β€’ πŸ’ | πŸ‘©πŸ‘§ | πŸ‘Ά 1.20.19

It isn't the weight gain, the stretch marks, the uncomfortable sleeping positions, the ance, the thick hair....it's the wardrobe! Maternity clothes are effing ugly. They fit weird because they are standardize sizing. They are horrible patterns, everything makes me look like a beached whale. And almost nothing, that is reasonably priced, is business attire. I work in a large CPA office, we are business casual to casual depending on client contact. I absolutely hate my choices, every morning. This past weekend I packed away over 100 items in my closet to create room for my maternity clothes and I am so sad 😭 I enjoy dressing nice, makes me feel like a woman. My confidence is totally in the shitter, I look like a troll 🀬😑