Baby Fever

Girls I have the highest level of baby fever. My Fiancé and I know we can not afford a child right now. Mentally or financially. Plus we are only 20 and 22. I mean heck, he is just starting his diesel mechanic career, why would I want to put that on hold for my selfish desire? I have had baby fever for months! So I did the grown up thing and am now on birth control. It makes me sad seeing everyone with these adorable babies and children but you know what? That means my Fiancé and I will love our child more than ever when we both decide it is time for us. But can people just hold off on their babies until I can finally have one, that would be great! Lol I am totally kidding! Congrats to every single person (on this app or not) who is welcoming their miracle (planned or otherwise) 💜💕❤️

I see my best friend every week (from a few hours a day to staying for a few days) to spend time with both my nephews (one is 3 the other is 1) and I blame them for my baby fever 😂💜 Through the tears, tantrums, nasty diapers and even sick days. I love my boys so much and the good days are so worth all the bad days. Plus I tell my best friend that basically her boys are mine as well (in a joking way since I see them so much) so that I don’t need a child yet lol, but she thinks she is pregnant again and I am dying with excitement guys 😭💕