Was she disrespectful?

My sons father and I broke up about 2 months ago we decided to work things out again everything has been going great.

We’ve gone to our favorite restaurant twice this month both times we got same server. The first time we went he said hi to this server and didn’t get a response back( she’s married and a lot older than us) then she introduced herself and right away started joking around with him, she also gave him a free side dish, she later told me that I was very pretty and again joked around with him. He obviously responded back in a respectful manner, I ignored it but it did bother me because every time she came to our table she would only speak to him.

Now the second time we went I already knew she would be there and Again she was our server, now this time I was annoyed because again she started off joking around with him and asked him if he had rewards with them which he said no & she was like “write down your number and I’ll sign you up” he looked nervous up to this point because he saw that I was pissed and denied the offer, once she served us our food I don’t remember exactly what he was telling me but she overheard and said “ no wonder your not with him anymore!) my face was in complete shock because how can this women say this?? She’s married first of all and probably 10 years older than us! I’m not jealous of her but I’m so annoyed of her actions and the way she speaks to him, we argued right after and didn’t finish our food so we got it to go and at that point she saw something went on and didn’t say a single word, as we were walking out I overheard her ask him if he was okay but at that point he ignored her. I did bring it up to him, I told him how I felt and he apologized and we’ve decided not to go back there again.

I think this is very unprofessional in her part because I’ve never had this happen to me before