Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda sweet?

Alyssa • 16

So my cousin and her husband were trying for their second baby. They conceived their first baby after the first or second try (which is really really fast if you don’t know) so they didn’t experience struggling to conceive. Their second baby took a bit longer... they tried for over a year. That isn’t a long time for most but for them it was a nightmare. One day my cousin went in to get a pregnancy test from her doctor, I don’t remember why exactly but for some reason they had to call her to give the results. Apparently she forgot that the number she had down was the house phone not her cell. While she was taking a nap the phone rang and her husband answered, it was the doctor saying she was pregnant. He ran into the bathroom to wipe his tears and he swung the door open so fast he accidentally smashed a box of tampons that were behind it. He grabbed the box and walked into the bedroom were my cousin was asleep. He woke her up and asked her why she had to leave them out (normally she keeps them in a different spot). She started crying and saying she could feel her period coming. Her husband “yelled” (it wasn’t that loud my aunt was in the other room and didn’t even hear it) for the next nine months I don’t want to see these anywhere! She kept crying and said she needed them. He tried again and said “you need to save up for dippers not tampons”. She screamed at him that he was making her feel horrible because she felt like they were never gonna have another baby. He just took a deep break and said “Honey, we already are. The doctor called and you’re pregnant”. Nine months later they had a little baby boy 💙