What’s going on!? 😫

I’m 16 dpo, 3rd day of missed period, my lower tummy feels hard and bloated, always feel sick, extreme fatigue, yet extreme insomnia, boobs have grown a lot/way fuller, I have blue veins mapping my entire body(chest, legs, arms, palms, feet, stomach), tender breasts/nips, darkening nips/areoles, larger areoles/puffy, horrid acid, dizzy, stuffy nose beyond belief, major confusion, sore lower back, I laid on my back and felt around and pushing on my left pelvic area feels almost bruised, and sharp pains in my left rib cage, etc... negative test!

Today I noticed when I peed in the cup to test FMU there was a lot of cloudy stuff in my urine,.. possible kidney infection? Could this hinder my test somehow? I’m at a loss and confused and sad. I know the grammar and punctuation on this post are horrendous but I’m too tired and foggy brained to care enough, so apologies.