Heavy bleeding(blood clots) and heavy cramps 6 months after getting iud


I’ve had the Kyleena for over 6 months and I would only spot on my periods with light cramps. Well last week I started having severe cramps to the point where I had to go to urgent care to see if my iud was still in place. They couldn’t do an ultrasound but the strings were still there. The next day I started bleeding and it’s been a few days now and the bleeding is just getting worse as well as the cramps. I’ve been puking from the pain as well as crying which is not like me. There are blood clots which is not normal for me. It’s started to freak me out a little. I do have an appointment for Thursday to get an ultrasound and get it removed.

Could my body be rejecting it? Or could it be out of place? TMI but I did have really rough sex a few days before this all happened and I think it may have moved due to that (if thats even possible).

I’ve taken 800mg of ibuprofen and it isn’t helping. I even broke down crying at work from the pain.