Which is better, Honest company or Pampers pure?


Tomorrow I’m going to start stocking up on pampers wipes, etc for my son and I can’t seem to make a choice on which brand to buy. I don’t know anyone whose ever used the honest company brand but from what I’ve read online they’ve gotten good reviews. As far as pampers pure, literally EVERYONE I know whose had a baby or know someone who has, had use either pampers swaddlers or pampers pure brand (some have also used Huggies but didn’t really care for them). And I also know pampers brand is what they give you in the hospital so that’s also a plus but I still would like to give the honest company brand a try. 🤷🏾‍♀️( I’m a Libra, naturally indecisive lol) Since sensitive skin runs in my family and I want the most chemical free products for my son I’m really stuck as to which brand is best. If any mothers have used the honest company brand please let me know what are your thoughts on that brand as a whole and if it is better than the old faithful, Pampers.

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