16 and pregnant


So at first I was scared to post this because this community is very judgmental but I'm 16 and pregnant.

However, I'm not 16, pregnant, living and mooching off my parents, or anything of that matter.

I live with my fiancée, I was working up until I found out I was pregnant and my fiancee told me he didn't want me working. Both my parents know, it wasn't a big deal to tell them, I literally texted each one and said yo I'm pregnant your gonna be a grandpa/grandma. Mind you, both of my parents live far away, one lives out of country. They both didn't really care, but my father was a bit excited and very supportive.

My mindset on telling my parents was like well mom got pregnant at 17 with my oldest sister, so she really has no room to talk shit, I can understand her maybe being disappointed in me cause she wanted better but she'd have no right to be mad cause im not her problem anyway. My baby daddy/fiancée and I have been together almost a year and he makes good money, enough to support us.

Im super excited to be a momma and he's happy to be a papa. I'm posting this so anyone else who's a teen mom can have actual support rather than crude comments from women who think they know your situation or how good or bad of a person/mother you are/will be. Like I get that we're young people, but that doesn't always mean we can't put a child's life in front of ours. This community is supposed to be a happy place to enjoy the miracle of growing a beautiful human, not a place for people to be jealous or angry at other people. I am yes 16 and pregnant but I can't stress enough how ready I am compared to other teen moms still mooching off their parents. (Not every teen parent does that I'm just using an example) I was working full time, till recently when hubbs told me not to, I cook, I clean, I don't go party, I don't do drugs, we are able to financially take care of this child, we are slowly becoming mentally prepared, and physically people have already given us (we didn't ask for it, they chose to gift us these items) a crib, a car seat, blankets, etc. I'm very excited. Anyone who's a teen mom or anyone at all who needs support, COMMENT! and DISREGARD ALL THE ASSHOLES THAT WILL BE COMMENTING!

Thank you!