Please, stop telling fat people that they're not fat


Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of not shaming people for their weight and encouraging their confidence, but it should never be done by deception.

There's this scary trend on the internet (or perhaps even in real life), where fat people are being told that they're not in fact fat. If your BMI says you're fat by more than a little, there's a very strong chance that it's right. Accept it, deal with it. (Edit: I take this as one of the signs, not a proof)

If your friend shows several signs of alcoholism and you tell them that they don't drink too much, do you help them? Sure, you tell them what they want to hear, but it's not the truth and it hurts them in the long run. Being overweight is a lot like that.

Telling a fat person that they're not fat is lying and it's encouraging them to be someone they're not. It also shifts their perception of what "being fat" looks like whether they realise it or not.

Please, if you're fat, just accept it. Don't punish yourself for something that's already done. Once you accept this simple fact, it's much easier to figure out what you want to be and how you can reach that goal.

Accept yourself as you are, only then you can change into who you want to be


I know that the BMI is bullshit, but if you're not a muscular person and your BMI is +10 to what it considers normal, then there's a big chance it's right

Also I wrote this when I was falling asleep, because I came across this "you're not fat" comment on one video, where a girl was giving tips to fat people. By the end I was very much asleep.

However, my point is not to tell others that they're fat when they are, but not to tell them they're not. Even though I butchered this point halfway through. I want the word "fat" to not be demonized anymore