Paying for a wedding dress I no longer have 😑😔 UPDATE

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So in May I got engaged. I started to plan right away and was so excited. And of course I thought I should have a meeting with my dad to see if he was going to contribute. Turned into a big thing and he basically said he wouldn't. I told my brother who gossips and told my dad who was embarrased and mad and said I lied. The day comes that I'm just wanting to browse at wedding dresses, no intention to buy them but to get a feel and style for them. My step mom insisted on coming. We found one dress I liked and she bought it for me. When I said it's out of my budget and I had no money on me she said she'd take care of it. A few weeks later she texts me asking how am I going to pay for the dress. It's taken me a bit to get back to her because I was honestly sk heart broken. I had to give my dress to a consignment store and make payments to her monthly. Hopefully the dress sells . These are the texts I sent her. I tried to be calm and mature when sending them and I hope they dont come across in a bad way ..

Update. So she messaged me back saying she thought they were paying for catering although we never discussed that and much MIL is doing the catering. She claims if I want to call the dress the contribution then I should have just said so and I should try and get it back from the bridal store 😑. I feel like the dress is tainted and now I just don't want it after all this

Update we have put a hold on the wedding 😔 things aren't working out. We cannot find a tent with flooring available for our date and we are dead set on our venue. Also I have no dress and we found out there's a chance j can get pregnant but also a chance I'll need fertility assistance. My fiance would rather had a child then a wedding and wants to focus our money into that. I'm torn because I want the wedding but I dint want to force it to come together. I haven't spoken to my step mom yet. I'll try and respond to her today about the dress being their contribution and leaving it at that and definitely not taking any more 'help' from them