I don't want my SO there when I give birth

Amanda β€’ Mom of girls! πŸ’– 7 πŸ’• 5 πŸ’— 17months πŸ’“ 2weeks

Let me start by saying this is our 4th baby. 1st was a c section, 2nd was vbac with epidural and 3rd was totally natural. He is just soo fidgety and impatient that he distracts me from concentrating on what's important. With the epidural I didn't mind much because I was feeling great after 6cm and that baby kicked in. But with our last baby I asked him to step out of the room a couple times or to shut the hell up so I could relax. I don't want to tell him I don't want him there this time but I'm nervous it will be really tough and I will have to "mother him" while in labor. I want to do it natural again but not if I'm exhausted from being with my 3 daughters all day, babysitting, housework and being pregnant. I fear I won't have the energy to do it. He has ADHD but hates taking meds so he tries to deal with being antsy on his own, but under pressure he makes me crazy bouncing around and asking stupid questions!