How do I know if I’m bi, or straight?!

dream baby

Okay so this story is going to be complicated and maybe somewhat long, if you read the whole thing and try to help me I appreciate you so much. I’m just so confused. I know it’s a silly question wondering if I’m bi or not. But the thing is, it’s so complicated to me. I’ve liked boys my whole life and have been attracted to them just like the majority of the female sex has for years and years. I lost my virginity to a boy and whenever I get horny it’s a guy that comes to my mind. I’ve never thought about a girl like that and have never wanted or pictured myself going down on one, or doing any sexual activity with a woman. Until this year. Everything still remains, I still love dick (sorry to be blunt.). But there is this girl in my class that I have a huge crush on. I’ve never had a crush on a girl before. Usually when I think of a girl a lot it’s because I’m jealous, or I just think she’s really pretty but I get over it and move on because it’s just me noticing that she’s pretty. But this girl isn’t like a model, she’s just a normal girl. Obviously she’s gorgeous and all, but I’ve just always looked at her differently. I have always thought that it would be so unappealing for me to have sex with a girl just bc that’s not my thing and to me it would be weird (no shame ladies). But with her, I would do anything she asked me to do. I would go down on her, I would do whatever she wanted 😩 and LIKE IT. Normally I wouldn’t, but I WANT to with her. The problem is, me and her are friends!! She sees me as just a best friend she has no idea about this. Her boyfriend just broke up with her, I know she’s straight but she is one girl I would break all my rules for. I don’t even know how this is possible to be completely straight and then just all the sudden have a huge crush on the opposite sex??? Help???