Pumping- anyone else’s employer being jerks?


I seriously battled with my supervisor about this two years ago with my first baby and now it is happening again!! I’m in healthcare so I am seeing patients all day long and unfortunately have no control over the scheduling. I’ve been back for two half days and have not been provided with any breaks in my schedule to go pump. So far I have been able to make time for it by seeing patients early or late and then staying late to finish my charting but it is extremely stressful. The people who do the scheduling have been very passive aggressive. If I talk to them in person they reassure me that I will have time and they will do whatever is needed to accommodate me. Then they don’t follow through and if I send an email asking for a solution, my email goes ignored. I know it is the law for them to give me time and I will fight this and go to HR if I have to but just wanted to vent here and see if anyone else has had the same problem. I am furious and this is the last thing I need to stress about and deal with while making this transition back to work. 😭🤬