Anyone else fed up with Merina IUD??


I got the Merina at my Drs recommendation to help alleviate my period symptoms: Extreme cramps that had me on the floor, Very heavy bleeding and large blood clots, and finally my period would last 8-10 days. It was hell.

I got the Merina put in and I did not find it very painful, it just felt like a bad cramp. But I experienced every symptom they said would be possible. I bled/ spotted for 6 months, still had cramps, and gained weight. The most frustrating of these being the weight gain. From initially having it placed to my 6- week check- up I gained 15lbs. My dr took note of it but said it was due to my lifestyle. (though nothing had changed!)

Eventually, the bleeding stopped, and I continued to get my period at my normal cycle of 24-26 days but instead of it being hell like before of 8-10 days it got shorter and lighter. It evened out around 4-5 days that were very light and I only needed a panty liner. (TMI I know) I was very happy with this and told myself I could deal with the weight gain.

After being pretty ok with everything, despite the now 30lb weight gain, occasional pain during sex, and severe occasional cramps, I am coming up on my 2- year anniversary with the Merina, but it started going downhill for me a few months ago. With the weight gain, I have tried everything to lose weight, but nothing helps at all, and it is like I can gain weight at the drop of a hat.

The past few months, about 5 months now, I have been getting severe headaches at the start of each period and they have been gradually increasing in intensity with each period. I’m now to where I have a migraine for the duration of my period that is now 7-8 days in length. On top of this, my period is getting longer again and heavier.

I am beyond fed up now, and I have an appointment to get it removed in a week. I’m so looking forward to having my body back. I’ll just have to figure out a way to deal with my original period issues.

Anyone else have bad experiences with the Merina??