How would you go about this situation?

So my husband has had a rough year work wise..since the beginning of 2018 he’s had/left 4 different jobs because they either made him work super long hours or there was something about each one he did not like.. right now he’s on his 5th job this year (as a temp, he has to do good in order to get hired) and he’s been telling me great things about it he even told me how he’s learning how to work different machines and I was starting to think this is where he was going to stay but today when I picked him up he brings up that his friend finally got back to him on a job he had told him about two months back.. I told him he should decline it, here’s why..

1. He’d be getting paid the same biweekly as he is now.

2. Our work schedule works great now, I have time to drop him off before work and I pick him up in time as well.

3. He’d be getting up for work/ coming home at the same time.

4. I’m pretty sure his friend had offered him the job because that same guy that quit was the one driving them to work. We only have one car so letting him use the car is out of the question because of how opposite the directions are for each job.

The only thing he could tell me was that “Maybe this will be better , I won’t be killing myself at work.”

Like I don’t know about you all but I like a hard working man. My whole life all my father did was work and I honestly loved the stability he provided us with. I don’t feel this way now..