After 9 years of waiting, we..

Finally bought a house! We’ve moved so much for my husbands work that we’ve been forced to wait to settle down. But... we finally did it. I couldn’t be happier with our dream home. The building process was a nightmare but this house is a dream. 😍

Most of these pictures are from before it was “completely finished” since we haven’t had time to take many.

The bathroom is of the model house, which our bathroom was almost completely designed after, I just didn’t have a finished photo when I originally posted this. Our bathroom is nearly identical but with lighter cabinets! :)

This house feels like a dream to me. Some days I’m still shocked that I get to live here. I grew up so poor- like some Christmases we just made each other something or my parents would tearfully give us an IOU. My parents worked their ass off to provide for us, and I never thought badly of them because they couldn’t afford the best of everything. I was so appreciative of what we had. But things weren’t always easy. We had family living with us because they were in an even worse situation than us. My cousins stayed with us because her dad chose crack over paying for electricity and hot water. We had to eat a lot of cheap food to provide for us plus my cousins. My dad would go up to a year at a time with zero days off, not even weekends. He begged me to get an education so I could live a better life. It was difficult to work 50+ hours a week and pay my way through college/pay for my own place to live but it was worth it.

My husband knew he was passionate about technology but he hated college, so he had to work and teach himself to prove his knowledge and passion.

This has not come easy. At first I was the only one making money, and I made $9 an hour. I just had to trust that his knowledge, work ethic and passion would somehow get him a good job. His first “good job” was making $13 an hour. He’s been working his ass off to get to where he is now.

When you grow up as poor as I did, it’s hard to believe we get to live this kind of life. My parents are doing much better (as is the economy where they live) but they are still so proud of where we are.

I didn’t write all of this at first but then felt compelled to because of some of the heartfelt comments. If you’re not in a good financial position; don’t quit trying. It won’t be easy but I hope it gets better for you.

Edit: since I’ve been accused of lying about the house, I chose to include a few extra photos of the building process. For my only privacy I chose not to post the photos of us holding the “sold sign”.