4-5 dpo and crazy symptoms!


So this would be my third pregnancy (1st planned) and I know that it’s highly unlikely that I could be having pregnancy symptoms so early but holy moly!! I never have these symptoms between periods. My boobs are so heavy and sore and I have been cramping like crazy. Then out of now where tonight my nipples and boobs started to burn! It felt like when I was breast feeding and my milk would drop! Also I rarely take a nap and today I could not wake up! I finally rolled out of bed at 9 and by 1:30 I couldn’t keep my eyes open and slept for two hours!!! And the dreams!!!!! So crazy!!! Oh and my cheeks are so red it’s crazy too! If I’m not pregnant there’s something really crazy going on with my health hahah Also I OPK test and I already peaked and ovulated so I don’t think it’s ovulation!

This is making me go crazy!!! I’m trying not to think about it or obsess but it’s so hard when all these crazy symptoms are happening! I feel like maybe it’s all in my head and I’m going crazy! Ahhhhhhhhhh