Pregnancy Symptoms

I am currently 12 DPO, period due in 2 days. I haven’t tested HCG yet. I’ve had sensitive, sore breasts for 3 days now, feeling exhausted for a week now. I’ve been craving foods I don’t normally care for & a few days ago couldn’t hold down my sandwich at lunch. Headaches & lower back pain NONSTOP 😩. Yesterday in the morning, I wiped & had a spot of blood, nothing more since. Ive been urinating a lot more often, like 1-2 hours & during the night which is not usual for me. Have been testing OPK everyday since last period, cycle days 12-14 positive OPKs & 8 DPO I got a very dark positive OPK, lasted about 15 hours, then back to normal the next day. My husband is convinced I’m pregnant from my mood swings & tiredness(I’ve been taking a lot of naps). I won’t be testing until cycle day 30 just to be on the safe side! I don’t feel like AF is coming anytime soon(usually cramping & very emotional this time before my period) so fingers crossed 🤞