How I became pregnant naturally w/pcos

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I was diagnosed at 25-26 yrs old I had pcos (google it) I lost a lot of faith I couldn’t have children.I went in on myself got my career in order,my home & still felt incomplete,I began to study pcos & listen to a lot of associates Kid’s baring ways & began to put faith,knowledge & excitement back into my life I was determined to have a baby. I didn’t go loosening weight (150lb) & eat right & all that I just knew I could with prayer as time passed I was 35 feeling some type of way about not having any kids I began to get serious with my dating and yes I finally had a baby girl (5 years old today) but by the help of fertility doctors doing the shots on my side,by this age now 44 (165.-173lbs) I wanted another child this time with my husband so I decided I needed to try natural pregnancy so with my husband I did for 4-6 months I ate regular cut out soda,junk,& salt I wasn’t a big fan of it any way & began taking vitamins-nature’s blend prenatal vitamin,vitamin d 400iu & folic acid with prayer determine to prince I can with no doctors help. I also used this app to help me and it worked for me and yes I am 6weeks pregnant please try it before you just give up & say it’s not for me because I know if it work for me it will work for you. Oh yeah doctors said” I couldn’t do it without them argumentative words we had & they are in shock today. Listen all those things must work hand in hand & remembering all things are possible. Baby Blessings to you all