He Went Soft🤦🏽‍♀️😢

Please give me your advise and thoughts on this issue.

My fiancé of 6mts has now gone soft on me 3x. Each time just after or just as he’s about to go in.

Last week we were about to make love and he went to close the window, I turned the TV up on the music channel. He went soft, I didn’t say anything and we kept kissing for a few minutes until I asked to stop.

He swears it’s nothing to do with me, he says he feels like dying when it happens and is so ashamed.

He says he is stressed about work and finances and still finds me as attractive and sexy as he did when he first laid eyes on me. (I’m plus size)

He has begged me on his knees not to leave him.

He has begged me to wait for his head to get right. He caresses me, tight hugs, says beautiful things, in fact, apart from this issue he is the absolute perfect man.

Too perfect, he’s handsome, helpful, cleans, cooks, looks and smells great and speaks to me as a precious object, treats me like a real woman. He puts me on a pedestal as I do him.

PS- I am certain that he is not having an affair, I and everyone knows he adores me... but I keep thinking.... if he doesn’t want sex with me who else is he Bedding!!

However, I recognise these thoughts are my own insecurities from unfaithful ex’s.

Please 🙏🏾tell me if this has happened to you and how you managed the emotional rollercoaster of not feeling wanted😕😔