😞Is it true? How can I rid....


Hello, I am a broke college student. I weigh about 240lbs and carry my weight well. I have a figure 8 shape. Some days I love the way I look, other days I am ashamed. Not to mention I have stretch marks.

I eat to be satisfied, I don’t have time to eat lunch or breakfast some days. When I do, it’s healthy foods. I don’t eat sugary stuff, aaannnd I barely drink water. So, I think that right there, the food part of the diet is alright, but I need to drink more water.

When I go out, I feel like I am supposed to look like this girl or that one. I just feel like I am like WAAAAYYY too overweight. **Keep in mind** Everyone in my immediate family are big. Could this be genetics? I know that’s not an excuse.

Any at home tricks to lose cellulite, water weight, etc??? I barely have time to exercise because of school...which I am there all day and have homework through 11pm.