Long Post.

So, to add on to this. If a vegetarian or vegan requests certain foods or wants to know what is in some foods, just do it please. My mother has been a vegetarian for 5+ years, if she eats any amount of meat she could get very sick. I once told a manager about this, as we have other vegetarian customers, and he literally said they could not get sick enough to be hospitalized. I was beyond pissed. Just because you are in a higher position does not mean the information your employees offer you is invalid. Cross contamination can make vegetarians and vegans very sick. It's simple really, change out your gloves, don't use the same utensils you use on meat on those meals if you can help it, and don't cook on the same surface as meat products. If you don't want to accommodate your customers, then be prepared for a lawsuit.

Here's a link in case you can't read it for any reason: https://pin.it/dn3qm5mcynimsy