Weird jealousy...?

Aubrey • 24, married to the love of my life, our baby girl was born 9/17/17 ☺️❤️

So my hubby and I have a group of friends. Out of that group we are close to 2 couples. One couple had their son 3 years ago this coming January and they are now pregnant and due in February. When they announced their first pregnancy we were overjoyed for them but also felt a sting of jealousy because we wanted a baby but weren’t in a place to have one. We felt better though knowing that our other couple of friends weren’t having a baby either. Flash forward to January of 2017, we found out we were expecting and shortly after found out our childless couple of friends were as well! So our kiddos are 5 weeks apart (theirs born August 17, ours Sept 17). Yay all around! Wellllll they just announced that they are having another baby in March....which sucks. :( my second baby right now is my Masters degree and I want to be a little more stable and know where we will end up before we have another baby but I feel like we are outsiders a little bit. Our entire friend group has more than one kiddo. Maybe it’s just that baby fever setting in but I’m a little bummed today 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess you can’t have it all though!