Pain, but I can’t see a doctor


I’ve been having immense vaginal pain. It comes randomly. Sometimes when I pee, and everytime I try to have intercourse.

It feels like my hip hurts when I have to walk but it’s below my hip. At first I just thought it was joint pains but I don’t know. It feels like it’s not quite in the middle but not all the way to the side of my hip either. It hurts.

You know that feeling you get when your hand falls asleep? That’s how it feels sometimes. And it feels like there’s a lot of pressure on it even when theres not.

However, I am 17. And in my family, we don’t really talk about vaginas, sex, or even crushes/personal feelings. I know I should see a doctor. But I know if I try to ask if I can go, I will be told no because I am ‘too young’ and plus, I’m not “supposed” to know that I have pain during masturbation because I’m not supposed to be doing it. Even if I did go, my mother wouldn’t want to leave the room. And I know I wouldn’t be comfortable enough to be completely honest with my doctor.

It makes me really upset and kind of scared. I have too long until I’m 18 to wait, and even then I’d still be under my moms medical insurance and she’d find out...

I am tired of feeling shamed for having a vagina.

What would you guys do?