For my Christmas Reveal?

Cheyanne • 25. First Time Mommy. June 2019 💕 PCOS Warrior.

I know it’s early but I’m trying to keep my mind off of the negative.

My boyfriend is into graphic T’s so I thought the first was cute. But then I kinda like the other too!

His mom already knows and brother and all of the kids. (They have big mouths and know how long we have been trying since our miscarriage in 2017)

My family does not know... because they’re kind of assholes. Well my dad is. I wanted to tell him yesterday but he just thinks I should wait for 12 weeks.

My mom left at 6 months old. And when I met her later she was a psycho.

So his family knows mine doesn’t.

Anyways rant over what do you think