My grandma was annoyed with me

I was visiting my great grandma.

I am just sitting on her couch and she’s on her chair and we both see.. kinda like a shadow? Not a shadow of a person. Just a dark blur move across the living room and I totally freak out and get up and say “DID YOU SEE THAT” and she ROLLS her eyes like ‘how dare you be offended by my friends’ and to this day I do not understand her reaction to that.

And I was like “nana. We both just saw that” and she just said “ya. And I’m too old to be scared of that shit. So sit back down and watch tv”

Damn y’all I guess when you hit 80 you just chill with everything

When I left I was like concerned about leaving my nana with the shadows 😂😂 she didn’t say anything else about it though.

Like how do you even explain that... I’m still wondering. Wtf even