Firm uterus area for 2 1/2 weeks


My lower abdomen/uterus (easy for me to find bc I had a c-section my first time 12 yrs ago) had been firm for almost 3 weeks now. The weird thing is that I had what you could call a 24 hr implantation bleeding in middle of Sept, then at the end when my AF was due (I was only one day late) and the ‘period’ I got had a heavy flow for only 2 days, then a light pink discharge when I wiped for the last 2. My periods normally last between 6 to 9 days and are heavy through basically the whole thing.

2 to 2 1/2 weeks after that strange ‘period’ I just had a 3 day implantation bleed for sure. I have had pregnancy symptoms since the first one in September and I continue to. I still have yet to have a positive and with this spotting I have the 2ww ahead of me again. Has anyone else gone through something like this?