The Guy Nextdoor pt6


As he carries me to the couch he couldn’t keep his hands still from grabbing my ass all the way to my wet pussy. I moan in such excitement to have him here so I can ride his cock harder than ever before. He throws me on the couch and takes my shorts off to open my legs wide open to stick his tongue all the way down my wet pussy. I moan so loud I couldn’t handle the electric shock running through my body.

“mmmmm baby yes! Go slower, that feels so good!”

“You like that baby?”

As he is licking my clit he has two fingers knuckles deep inside of me. I couldn’t help but to wiggle around I couldn’t hold it in. As I was about to cum he stops and he takes off my shirt to suck on my tits. He removes his shirt followed by his pants revealing his hard throbbing cock.

“Is this what you want baby?”

“Yes! Come here!”

He climbs on top of me rubbing his cock on my pussy lips moaning I roll my eyes back with sick pleasure begging him if he fucks me he better fuck me good.

“Don’t worry about that baby I’ll make you scream my name”

He inserts the tip and takes it out and looks at me. I’m bitting my lip squirming around waiting for him to fuck me.

“Stop teasing me and get over here”

“I cant stop watching you reacting to me teasing you”

*i giggle*

“Baby please”

“Well since you asked nicely”

He rams his cock in my wet pussy and I scream so loud he covers my mouth. He moans my name and thrust back and forth. He flips my over on my stomach and closes my legs and arches my back and fucks me from behind. A warm sensation went through my body until I realized I had cum all over Xander’s cock. He was surprised I had cum’d so fast. He turned me on my side and threw my leg over his shoulder and pounded my wet pussy until he cum’d deep inside me. He pulls his cock out of my drippin pussy and lays down beside me breathing heavy. I get up with cum running down my leg.

“I’m going to jump in the shower wanna join?”

To be continued.......