First trimester blues


Hey ladies. Just looking for a place to unload. I’m 9 weeks today and since finding out I’m pregnant I have felt quite flat on and off. I know it’s a hormonal / chemical depression as this baby is very much wanted but it’s hard to remember that now when my mind swims with negative thoughts and feelings of flatness tiredness anxiety and boredom. Sometimes I worry that the stay at home mom life isn’t for me. This will be my second child and I stay at home full time. I do have my own small business but it’s not really something that occupies my mind enuff for a break. If you know what I mean. This isn’t coming out how I’d hoped. I’m just struggling at the moment. Hope my second trimester will be better. Going to focus on good self care this week... yoga... sort the house out... go swimming and lots of relaxing baths. Hoping this eases up a bit. Anyone else in the same situation?