BACKGROUND: I'm a senior in college and on track to graduate in May. I am in the midst of transitioning my wardrobe from college girl to real life ADULT WOMAN. I am an Interior Design major with an internship which means I actually have to look cute at work.

So I've been really stressed out from school and have not been able to spend time with my fiance. We literally live together but have totally opposite schedules and even when he does get home late at night I can't hang out with him because I'm still working on schoolwork. But today he surprised me by taking me to the mall for a shopping spree. I kept trying to pair down what I was going to get but he wouldn't let me and kept saying "just get it all. You deserve it." He made me feel so good and confident in everything I was trying on. He really always makes me feel so attractive and loved. I always feel so guilty spending so much money but he doesn't think twice if it makes me happy. HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY 😭❤️