Scolded by a stranger


I just have to get this out there. I am a 15 year old girl. Yesterday, I was at my house, minding my own business when I heard a knock on the door. I was home alone, so I checked who it was before answering. It was a woman, about 35 years old. I had seen her around my neighborhood a few times before with her children, so I went to answer the door. She asked if my parents were home and I told her that they couldn’t come to the door at the moment. I then asked if I could take a message for them, and she said that she just wanted to talk to them about MY recent behavior. I asked her what she meant by this, and she told my to remember that there are young children in this neighborhood, so I should think about my actions. I was very confused about this, so I asked her what I had done. She said that on her walk this morning, she saw a few 13 year old boys standing on the sidewalk outside my house whispering. I have a large window in my kitchen that faces the sidewalk/street outside. She said when she looked at what they were whispering about, she saw me standing in my kitchen in shorts and a sports bra. She told me that she thought that this was very inappropriate for me to be wearing IN MY OWN HOME! I told her that I should not be the one she should be talking to about this, and that she should talk to the boys she saw looking through MY window. She then proceeded to scoff at me and walk away. I’m sorry this post was so long, but I was just very upset that I, a 15 year old girl, was scolded by a stranger for showing my stomach in my own home because of a group of boys that were taught that it’s okay to think of girls as objects for their own entertainment. I am disgusted.