Should I forgive or not?

We all know how it’s football season and there were games today...


So my boyfriend and I got in argument and haven’t talked to each other in hours to calm down. When I finally calmed down we started texting about the situation and then I called. To which I hear in the background was a game, so I hung up because it was clear that he didn’t want to talk to me and even his tone seemed like I was a distraction from the game itself.

When I hung up he started texting me. Not calling bc “omg my team is tied ohmygod it’s the end of the world” (he literally treats it that way I’m not over exaggerating bc it really do be like that). He just keeps spamming me with texts apologizing and everything in the book.

And this isn’t even the first time he’s done this!! I’m tired of waiting for the fucking game to be over with and then we could talk?!?! This built up frustration and anger isn’t good for me so I popped off idc anymore y’all. I went off on him stating that he’s done this countless of times, he never wants to actually solve a problem, I’m probably just gonna have to find somebody else bc I’m tired of this shit happening, and he should just learn this as a lesson for his next girlfriend 🤷🏻‍♀️

Btw his team barely won by like 3 points in OT with a minute(?) left 🙄

Should I forgive him and apologize for going off a bit hard?


Should I not forgive him and move on?

[Edit: I wasn’t aware he was watching sports, I’m away hence as to why we’re not talking face-to-face, and actually read the whole situation before commenting, thanks]